From Poland. London based.
Karc (born on 06.07.1994) earned her Master's degree in sculpture from Gdansk's Academy of Fine Arts in May 2019. After graduation, she relocated to Alaska and later to New York, experiencing life in both a remote village near glaciers with real threats of bears and lynxes, and the vibrant urban jungle of New York City. In December 2019, she volunteered in Eastern Ukraine, helping people living in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict zone.
Amidst the pandemic, she moved to London and began decorating the city with abstract graffiti compositions, contributing to the rare representation of women in street art. Since then painted over 100 walls ,ranging from massive 6 stories high walls to small local walls.
Her main focus in painting is abstraction, heavily influenced by her background in Sculpture, which leads her to perceive compositions as multidimensional and almost tangible. When painting, she creates her own rules and games, deriving pleasure from breaking them. One of these self-imposed rules is the "Imperfect Mirror" principle, where she crafts various shapes and patterns, reflecting them at skewed and irregular angles, acknowledging the absence of perfect symmetry in nature.

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