Karc (06.07.1994) in May 2019 gained Masters degree in sculpture from Gdansk’s Academy of Fine Arts. After the graduation she moved to Alaska and shortly after to New York. Gaining the knowledge from “How to Behave When Bear Attacks You” to survival guide in the city jungle life at Manhattan’s Cocktail parties. In December 2019 she volunteered in Eastern Ukraine to help people affected by war. After moving to London in the middle of pandemic, she started decorating the city with abstract graffiti compositions, increasing at the same time the rare female representation in the graffiti’s world.
My main painting focus is abstraction. I have studied Sculpture, which still has a very strong influence on me, I tend to perceive the compositions as multidimensional and almost physical. When I paint, I create my own rules and games and then I take pleasure in breaking them. One of the rules I have set for myself is what I called “Imperfect Mirror” principle when I create various shapes and patterns to then reflect them at skewed and irregular angles, as the perfect symmetry does not occur in nature.

I worked with :
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