09.2023. Fire station on Kings Road is curated by Sloane Stanley. 

The color palette is derived from the book 'A Dictionary of Color Combinations' written by Sanzo Wada almost 100 years ago.
Karc aimed to craft a composition in alignment with the building's rhythm. Certain sections extend from the shape of the windows, repeating distances within the building's elements.
The goal was to create a piece that is legible from both a distance and up close. The overall composition comprises smaller, more intricate sections, all connected as one through a recurring orange line. This design intends to capture the attention of passersby, whether they are quickly commuting by bus or leisurely strolling through the area. Simultaneously creating a visual game and inviting the viewer to search for similar elements in different parts of the composition, almost like a puzzle.
Simultaneously bringing color and energy in upcoming Autumn grey.

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